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By combining algebraic and graphical approaches with financial applications, FINANCIAL ALGEBRA 2E motivates high school students to explore algebraic thinking, patterns and functions in a financial context. FINANCIAL ALGEBRA 2E, will help students achieve success by offering an applications based learning approach incorporating Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Statistics, Probability, and Precalculus topics.


Authors Gerver and Sgroi have spent more than 25 years working with students of all ability levels and they have found the most success when connecting math to the real world. FINANCIAL ALGEBRA 2E encourages students to be actively involved in applying mathematical ideas to their everyday lives. 


  • FINANCIAL ALGEBRA 2E includes a strong review of Algebra I formulas with variables, equations, functions, systems of equations, graphs, statistics, and more within a relatable financial context.

  • Students see algebra translated into powerful, financially focused, real world problems.

  • Students see algebra at work within the most critical areas of finance. Students learn about discretionary spending, investments, banking, credit, automobile expenses, insurance, income tax, household budgeting, and more while gaining confidence in working with algebraic functions

  • The emphasis on problem solving equips students with skills for life. Each chapter provides substantial opportunities to learn and apply a variety of problem solving strategies.

  • In order that the course not be viewed as an Algebra 1 or Personal Finance course, we suggest that it be named "Advanced Algebra with Financial Applications". This delineation is especially important when colleges look at transcripts and course catalog descriptions. 


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